Objective #1 : Clearly define current situation

NETCHER will define the state of play of current and past initiatives around 6 main topics:

Origin and traceability of cultural goods
Preservation and reconstruction cultural goods
Return and restitution of cultural goods
Channels and actors of illicit trafficking of cultural goods
Operational and legal measures against traffickers
Awareness-raising of both specialized communities and the general public

Objective #2 Set-up an international network 

Through a social and a digital platform, NETCHER aims at setting-up a lively international and multidisciplinary network of practitioners with shared convictions, values and protocols, and enhance their active cooperation and experience.

The workshop in Frankfurt on May 28 & 29 2019 is the starting point to involve stakeholders and build the NETCHER Social Platform.

Objective #3 Train stakeholders

NETCHER will organize 3 training modules on “Preservation & Reconstruction” (Barcelona, October 2019, on “Provenance and Traceability” (Lyon, February 2020) and on “Remote Sensing & Earth Observation” (Venice, June 2020) to share best practices, protocols and innovative technologies with security forces, cultural heritage specialists, art market, professionals, policy makers, etc.

Objective #4 Manage the collaborative platform

The Social Platform will be a landmark and unique entry point for any actor that needs tools, data, and documents on the issues tackled by the NETCHER project. It will also identify relevant interlocutors related to illegal traffic detection, traceability, conservation and restitution of cultural goods. It will also allow the stakeholder community, created throughout the project, to discuss and recommend possible solutions as regards gaps in legal frameworks and for increased coordination among stakeholders.

Objective #5 Define an international framework

By involving the academia, the security forces and the knowledge ecosystem, the NETCHER network will co-create a transnational and interdisciplinary working framework on best practices and toolkits, on protocol assessment for the inventory of cultural goods but also to check the legitimacy and track the history of cultural goods, and share alert information.

Objective #6 Raise awareness

To raise awareness among art curators, galleries, collectors, dealers, local, national and European public authorities and the general public about the consequences of illegal trafficking of cultural goods, NETCHER will gather relevant and accessible information regarding the existing measures to counter it and explain how to take action.