Taking stock of on-going initiatives

NETCHER starts with a worldwide state-of-play survey on 6 major axes. Throughout, NETCHER will identify ongoing similar projects in order to create synergies and to maximize effectiveness.

Promoting mutual learning and coordination

NETCHER aims to identify best practices and to define common protocols through experience-sharing workshops and fora. These outputs will benefit all the relevant stakeholders and will provide for mutual learning and cooperation opportunities.

Identifying knowledge and intervention gaps

NETCHER will produce a map of gaps, identified through the sharing of information (databases, tools, legal and operational capacities etc.), as regards the different aspects of both cultural heritage preservation and the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural goods.

Bringing together the research community, public and private actors, and policy makers at national and international levelsĀ 

The NETCHER consortium represents a varied set of stakeholders active in cultural heritage preservation and in the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural goods. The drafting of policy recommendations will be one of the key steps of the project and will be based on the reinforcement of public private partnerships and the mobilization of European, national and cross-sectorial actors. The NETCHER consortium will also deliver a Research Agenda suggesting future strategic funding and operational priorities.