Governance level

2 external and consultative boards:

  • Advisory Board :
    Laurent BAVAY, Professor, Archaelogy, Université Libre de Bruxelles
    French Ministry of Culture
  • Ethic Committee:
    Didier VIVIERS, Chair, Permanent Secretary, The Royal Academy of Belgium
    Axel KEREP, Archaeologist, PARCS
    Anne-Sophie CHAVENT-LECLERE, Lecturer, Université Lyon 3

Executive level

The Executive level is ensured by the Project Management Committee (PMC). The project coordinator, the innovation & data manager, the quality & risk manager, the dissemination & exploitation manager and the ethic manager oversee practical matters for an easy and safe collaboration between partners and the solution of day-to-day concerns arising from the implementation of the different activities.

Project coordinator: Sabine Fourrier
Oversees the general coordination of the NETCHER project, ensures the correct implementation of the project activities and the timely preparation of the project deliverables. Is responsible for the general coordination of the NETCHER consortium and the institutional relations with the European Commission.

Scientific coordinator: Véronique Chankowski
Monitors data collection and contents definition, increases resources, ensures the methodological viability and approaches, contributes to the construction of international scientific and strategic network, and supports sustainability plan. NETCHER Gaps and Trends, European Joint Degree, Platform exploitation plan, Research agenda, chart, label and Policy recommendations are generated under its supervision. SC agreement is required for the finalization of the related Deliverables and for the validation of Milestones.

Innovation and data manager: Florence Ghiron
Ensures that the NETCHER dissemination activities are in line with the data protection principles defined by the consortium, that each consortium and network member shares its resources safely and has the proper access rights, and that innovative proposals are properly protected and innovation is fostered.

Quality and risk manager: Sabine Fourrier
Reviews the NETCHER project procedures and progress, and assesses the risks in order to ensure innovation but also that the requirements from the different communities involved in the cultural heritage preservation are duly taken into account and that the research roadmap is based on solid evidence.

Dissemination and exploitation manager: Antonio Gucciardo
Ensures timely and effective dissemination of the NETCHER project activities to maximize the impact of the project, reach an audience as wide as possible and exploit the NETCHER outputs after the project’s end.

Ethic manager: Sylvain Dhennin
Guarantees the link between the NETCHER consortium and the Ethic committee. Oversees the NETCHER activities and requests an opinion from the committee when an ethic issue is raised.