ICOM – INTERPOL Recommendations

Ensuring cultural heritage security during lockdown.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, 95% of the world’s museums have been forced to temporarily close their doors to protect their visitors. Although the reality for each museum is different, and solutions will be specific to each institution, it is a fact self-isolation measures represent a huge challenge for museum professionals who must continue to ensure the security of their collections. Despite confinement measures, it is crucial to continue the improvement and upgrade of museum security.

ICOM and its International Committee for Museum Security (ICMS), jointly with the INTERPOL and its Works of Art unit, continue supporting the museum community and the cultural heritage across Europe by offering advice and tools for their security and internal communication and reporting procedures. Now, both are sharing specific recommendations on the implementation and reinforcement of the following measures:

  • Check security and alarm systems
  • Adapt procedures
  • Communicate with police services on a regular basis
  • Collaborate with other cultural institutions that face the same difficulties
  • Involve neighbours and the local community
  • … and start thinking

If you are interested in learning more about each of the preventive and safety measures described, please click on the following link.


[Image by: ICOM]