July 2020: NETCHER Experts Seminar n°2!

On 3-4 October 2019, NETCHER was delighted to welcome 45 experts from 14 different countries, in Barcelona (Spain), for its First Seminar. As a result, Year 1 state-of-play has been validated.

Existing solutions have been shared in the area of Cultural Heritage protection (tools, platforms, databases, platforms and networks on illicit trafficking). A trans-domain work has allowed discussing the Specifications and Requirements for the Social Platform for Endangered Cultural Heritage.

The Seminar 1 Report is available here

In July 2020, NETCHER will hold its Experts Seminar n°2! This online event will gather contributors from various professional communities involved in the Specifications and Requirements collection for the Platform. The Seminar aims at building Routes for a better Pan-European integration. It will address the following points:

  • Collaborative digital platforms
  • Related technologies to counter illicit trafficking and looting of Cultural Heritage
  • Integration opportunities (barriers and slowdown processes encountered)
  • Data sharing and alert rising protocols
  • Research roadmap
  • Chart & Label
  • Policy recommendations

Experts involvement, co-creation and online consultations will be organised on the NETCHER Social Platform. More information is coming soon!