NETCHER WebGIS is ready!

The beta-version of the NETCHER WebGIS built by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Claudio Silvestri, Riccardo Giovanelli) and IIT Center of Cultural Heritage Technology Team (Arianna Traviglia) is now ready.

The current version of the tool enables the visualisation of data provided by experts on the world map on two different layers, the institutions and the people: from the top right corner is possible to switch between the two options.

When looking through the map, it is possible to click directly on the icon and visualise the metadata in a table structure. Most importantly, we have added a number of tags, highlighting one or more fields of expertise of each single person/institution.

From the left icon menu, it is thus possible to search for one tag (i.e. “Roman archaeology” or “art crime”): this will return a list of names where the tag has been found and localise them on the map.